SIM’s Johan and Trudie Robbertze have served in Tanzania for more than 10 years, involved in weekly children’s clubs, and teaching religious classes at primary schools and life skills classes at a secondary school.

“As our focus was mainly on the primary school level, we have always felt a need for teen workers,” says Johan.
Now the Robbertzes have a vision to reach out to youth in the Mtwara region. They want to see a Youth Development Centre established, where they can focus on “sharing basic, necessary life values with the adults of tomorrow.” These include showing respect for others, exercising self-control and taking responsibility.
The course they plan to use, “Life at the Cross Roads,” has been helpful in shaping young people’s values in a number of countries. Land for the new facility has been donated by a local church, but legal issues must be addressed before the dream can become reality.
Approximately 60 percent of Tanzania’s population is under the age of 15. In the south of the country many children leave school at age 12 or younger.

  • Pray for the Youth Centre to become a reality.
    Pray for people to see the vision to reach out to the youth of Tanzania by providing funds for this Center.