Serving in Mission (SIM) is a church based mission. Our primary focus is to motivate and assist the church to fulfil the mandate God gave to her across cultures. SIM serves the church locally and in the ‘field’.

SIM assists churches with training in cross-cultural mission and in helping churches develop internal mission focus. Thereby, mobilising the church by encouraging them to become involved in providing feedback and prayer information about some of the progress that is being made globally in evangelisation. We welcome an invitation to teach and preach on missions at churches and we have a number of speakers available to do so. You can use our Contact form to make arrangements for a speaker to visit your church.

SIM believes that every church can be involved in mission in one of three ways at least. Firstly, as our international director has said, “prayer is not our byline, but our lifeline.” So, every church can be involved in this most sacred task of prayer. SIM provides monthly prayer information in the form of “Pray Today”. Please contact the Communications Team [email protected] to subscribe to Pray Today , or use the form on our Subscribe page.  Missionaries with SIM send prayer newsletters to encourage and feed the prayers of the saints.

Secondly, churches can be involved in sending long and short-term workers and teams. In this way churches can “go”, become involved in embracing the task of evangelising beyond their borders, cross-culturally in a very hands on way. For more information on where we work and what ministry opportunities there are contact us on [email protected].

Thirdly, churches can become involved by helping fund missionaries and the broader work of SIM. While SIM is a faith based mission and we look to the Lord Jesus Christ to provide, we do realise that God uses his people to help provide. If you want to have more information on how to become involved financially, please contact [email protected].

SIM looks forward to serving you as best we can to the glory of God.

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