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Cyclone Idai has brought devastation to parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi and SIM’s Disaster Relief Fund is being mobilised to help survivors.

More than 300 people are confirmed dead in Mozambique and Zimbabwe1 but those totals are expected to rise as relief workers battle to reach the most hard-hit regions.

The cyclone, with winds of more than 106 mph and torrential rains, made landfall at the port of Beira on March 14 and then ripped across the country and into neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The United Nations has described the cyclone as a ‘massive disaster’ and estimates 1.7 million people were in its path.

A UN official said: “Victims are reportedly trapped on roofs and clinging to trees awaiting rescue; tens of thousands of people have lost their homes, while roads, bridges and crops have been washed away.”2

Most of the international relief effort is being concentrated on the Beira area and the coastal region of Dondo.

SIM’s efforts in Mozambique will focus on the Dombe district, which lies further inland south of Chimoio and east of the Chimanimani area of Zimbabwe.  All the rain which fell on Zimbabwe will make its way through this region of Mozambique on its way to the ocean.SIM is coordinating its efforts with other mission agencies and with local Christian business owners to send trucks with food and other essential supplies into this area. We supply aid to all people in need, no matter what their faith or background.

In Zimbabwe, the relief effort will be concentrated around the Chimanimani area, with plans in place to rebuild a bridge, provide food for 100 households and deliver other essential household and school materials.


SIM’s Disaster Relief Fund exists to provide help to SIM workers and their ministries in areas affected by such events.

Make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund Project #88600:  please click HERE to donate in South African Rands and if you wish do donate in US Dollars, click HERE


  • for relief aid to reach the injured and homeless as quickly as possible.
  • that SIM workers will be able to show the love of Christ in all they do to help those affected and as they partner with others to deliver aid.
  • for God’s mercy in a situation which has devastated so many lives.




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We are committed to biblical truth and joyfully affirm historic, evangelical Christianity. With courage, we declare to the nations the good news of new life in Jesus Christ.
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“By Prayer” and in faith we depend on God for the provision of all our needs. We will demonstrate diligence, integrity, sharing, and accountability in cultivating and using the resources God provides.
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We desire to be a transforming community dedicated to becoming like Christ in love, servanthood, holiness, and obedience to the Father. We believe that following Christ’s example means sacrifice, sometimes hardship, and perhaps even death.
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We are intentionally interdenominational, international, and multiethnic. We believe this expresses the unity of the body of Christ in the world. We believe we will be more effective in ministry as we incorporate the richness of cultural diversity in SIM and celebrate our oneness in Christ.
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We will respond with creativity and courage to evolving needs and opportunities under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To be effective and relevant, our ministries, priorities, and structures are subject to ongoing evaluation and adaptation.

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