Union Bible Institute’s purpose is to develop Christ-like servant-leaders who are committed to Christ and His Great Commission. This is done:

  • By thoroughly grounding prospective Christian workers in the Word of God so that they will be able to understand its basic content and apply its principles to their lives and ministries (UBI is a Bible college. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is the chief means of developing Christ-like servant-leaders).
  • By prayerfully depending on God to use us to continue and accelerate the process of transformation that He has already begun in our students (UBI does not create leaders, but seeks to develop those who are called by God and identified by churches as potential leaders).
  • By guiding the students, through teaching and counseling, in the development of their character, that they may become more like Christ (While knowledge and skills are important, the Bible emphasizes Christ-like character as the chief qualification for leaders).
  • By providing both theoretical and practical training in leadership and ministry skills, while modeling the humble attitude of a leader as one who serves. (UBI equips students in ministry skills such as preaching, teaching, counseling, administration, and evangelizing, not so that they may glorify themselves and dominate others, but so that they can use these skills as servant-leaders).
  • By exalting Christ through music, prayer, testimony, and every aspect of the life and the curriculum of the school, and through challenging our students to commit themselves wholeheartedly to Him. (UBI’s goal is that students would not merely receive an academic education or gain new skills, but that they would truly be committed to Christ).
  • By exposing the students to the need of worldwide evangelization and involving them, where possible in cross cultural ministry, yet seeking also to equip them for ministry in their own cultures (UBI aims to instill in students a commitment to Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations).

South Africa has a growing need for qualified pastors. Many independent churches and congregations continue to rely on preachers who have never had an opportunity to have formal Bible training, mainly because they and/or t
heir congregation cannot afford the costs involved. Many prospective students also do not qualify for university level training.This creates a need for theological institutions who cater for them, as well as for those who are eligible for university.  As they endeavour to keep fees affordable, these institutions often struggle to make ends meet.

Africa Evangelical Fellowship (now SIM) was a founding member of Union Bible Institute in 1942 and has continued to provide operational support over the years.   UBI is an interdenominational college, with students mostly from within South Africa, but also small numbers from surrounding countries.

It continues to play a vital role in training leadership for churches, especially for students who do not qualify academically for theological colleges that only offer degrees. Most of the leadership of the Africa Evangelical Church (one of SIM’s partner churches) has been and continues to be trained here.

UBI also has a non-profit publishing arm which is probably the biggest producer of Christian books in Zulu in South Africa.

You can find out more about the college on their website – www.ubi.ac.za



To find out more about SIM’s work with UBI, please emil the Projects Co-ordinator on za.projects@sim.org


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